This is my sweet little blue and white african violet sitting quietly in a cute little flower pot of which i made. The flower pots name is Dormouse there are actually a set of 3. They all have african violets in them, however the other two have not bloomed yet - even tho their leaves are pretty and green. ~gift

I did not know how much humidity they liked so the other two were just sitting in regular pots & they didn't flower. So after a year, i finally looked up on the net how to solve the problem. Many helpful sites suggested i needed more humidity so it said to get a small pot but put it in a BIG bottom dish, let it sit above (not in) the water and as the water evaporates it will come up thru the leaves and that should do the trick.

Well - as you can see it worked! I had to make my own little pots and dishes tho b/c i found nothing with a big enough dish for the bottom at the store. Besides that meant i got to pick my own colors! yippie!