So as i was looking thru my fellow photo friends pictures, i came across a tasty looking drink, soon after leaving the comment i darted into the kitchen and decided to make my own. i had a package of carmel mix in the cabinet (sorta like a hot chocolate mix) anyway i prepared it using the cold directions and added some ice stuck it in the blender then found my tumbler named Fantastic, poured it on in. Then i grabbed the can of whip topping and loaded it up, along with a couple sprinkles of cinnimon - i never spell that one right.

Anyway i decided it was super cute and should try & get a photo, after seeing all the photos i decided it needed to be a bit more fun. i changed the curves on the whip topping. Then selected the background and used the cutout filter on that... My tumbler however is unchanged the colors are the lovely redish brown & blue - i believe the glaze names are red shino and cornflower blue.