So the title of this piece is Homeless Comb why you may ask? What it's not obvious? Well, i guess i'll have to tell you then. Well back in the day when my dearest friend Sara go up to the Art building with me on Sundays we would carpool together. So one day as i was getting into her super clean car (it was exceptaional clean this particual day - i felt really specail like we were then suppose to be going on a date or something ;) anyway i set my ceramics stuff down and look in the floor board and there is this absolutely pathetic dirty black bent toothed comb liying there. ~10

I pick it up and say "Have you been giving Homeless People rides again?" Holding up the weird/broken comb...

She laughs and says "i have no idea where that came from."
I respond with "well, looks like a new ceramcis tool to me ;)" and i place it in my little bucket of tools as we zoom on our way.

So on this tumbler i used the Homeless Comb after i washed it of course and put all these crazy looking swoosh marks on the sides. Then it was glazed in David's Blue which breaks really pretty in the indentions the comb left behind. It stands tall at 4 3/4" tall and 3 1/2" wide. The body is JB Stoneware fired to cone 6. You may find this one also in my Spot the Pot Shop.