Humm - i guess i should update this a little bit & let you know what you are seeing is the top of a kiln. Its a hole about 5 or 6 inches in diameter and it has heat coming out of it. It gets so hot it starts to have a flame come as the kiln heats up after about 2 hours. So i'm standing on the side of the kiln with the camera above my head just clicking away to see if i get a good shot. B/c i don't have anything to stand on. What you see IN THE HOLE that is all red looking is one of my pinhole cameras named I See You, that i was working on and its in the kiln being fired up. When its ready you grab it with some tongs & take it out then its placed into a metal bucket with combustibles and one hurries up and puts the lid on. Then a bit later you get to see if your magic worked. This is the first photo of a small series of photos for this one.