Ok Finally you get a peak at the top of the pin-hole camera and a wee bit of the side of the bottom.

This is a picture right after i have taken it out of that little rusty bin with a pair of tongs. Its still very hot - oh and before i forget to tell you - i dropped it! AAAAAAH yes i did, i felt it slipping out of my tong grip so i got super super close to the ground so when it finally slipped out of my grip and went TINK onto the hard pavement i was sooooo hoping it didn't put a crack into it. Yeah - so after the fall i pick it up once again with the tongs and get it to the table. Jeez - wiping the sweat from my brow and trying not to be disappointed that i have probably just put a crack into my lovely pinhole camera :-(

However, upon further examination on the table - i see to my surprise that i have been smiled upon by the Gods and Goddess of Clay! There are no cracks in it at all - YEAH!