Hi, its me in this capture i'm finishing up the pin-hole camera ;D i am placing black foam inside the lid to make a nice and snug fit. The pin-hole camera is glazed in my pinky's pink with a bit of plum squiggles just sitting there to the left her name is Little Wings.

Finally i had all the supplies i needed to get that show on the road. I even made up a small tube pinhole viewing thingy (not sure what to call it) But the reason i made that was so i could test out the size pinhole i would need for each size camera i make. Because even tho there is a nice little formula out there i could use to calculate the size hole i need (and the sad part is i was EXCELLENT in math) i can't seem to wrap my brain around understanding it. Then i realized even if i do understand it and it tells me make .010 size pin hole WHAT IN SAM HECK do i have to measure THAT with - i'll tell ya NOTHING.

So as i was looking up other pin-hole cameras & just seeing what was out there i found a site that was giving some sort of project, seemed like it was a high school kind of thing. Anyway you use 2 tubes one a little smaller in diameter than the other so it can fit inside it. Cover the one going on the inside with "magic tape" (the tape thats sorta clear but not super clear) Then the outside one you place your pinhole - well i wanted to be able to change mine out so i rigged it a bit differently. Now i have a pin-hole viewer (thats a better name than thingy) ha ha - It helps me determine how big the hole needs to be to get a good focus with the size of the camera i make. Since there are 2 tubes one inside the other i can pull the one tube out to the distance that makes the image big & clear enough and see how far away that is... hummm not sure if i'm explaining that very well.

Sounds like there may be some future pictures so that you guys can see my tube pin-hole viewer and understand a bit better what the heck i'm trying to explain here.

Thinking of ways to take pictures,