Here you see the last bit of things i needed to finish up my clay pin-hole camera. Lets see theres a cork with a needle in it, rubber cement, black foam, black duct tape, scissors, and of course a sheet of newspaper to spread all this stuff out on.

Once i got into it, doing the last bit really didn't take that long and was not really that hard. I would say the longest part was drilling the hole and sanding the piece of metal from the soda can was the most time consuming.

So now i need some other supplies, like fixer, developer and i suppose some stop bath a red safe light (because i have no IDEA what i did with the one i had already) oh and some trays... yeah i think thats about it. I wonder if i can get some trays at dollar tree ;D that would be SWEET.

Oh i nearly forgot - i need some paper film tooo, i'm not sure the film i have is good anymore. So its better to do testing with new film for now anyway, one less thing to factor out if i think i have a light leak or a fuzzy pin-hole image.

Taking my list to the photography store,
T Lynn