So i decided i needed a break from the vases, don't worry tho i'm sure there will be more in the future. Muhahahaha

This is me and it was one heck of hot sunny day, i decided to have some water out of my mug named Kitty's Delight and well i'm all finished the water by the time this photo is taken (after about the 10th time i got up to reset the camera b/c i couldn't find my remote for the shutter)

I came inside and wasn't tooo crazy about the SUNNY COLOR - it was just sooooooo bright, however upon changing the photo through Calculations i noticed the brick texture was yummy. Then i decided i would leave the cup in color and call it a day.

Also i think its funny you can see the little camera's shadow down in the bottom left - so you know NO ONE else took this pic. Inless i have a ghost in my camer.