This is me and i'm loading film into my pinhole camera. Trying to remember to stay still for nearly a 45 seconds feels like such a long time when listening to hear the shutter close.

Before I had a chance to use this camera I had to go to several shops to try and find chemicals that I needed to develop the film and who knew that even though i live in the capitol of VA that the camera shops around here wouldn't have everything i needed... oh like matte paper film, Dev, Fix, SB... i mean really. What the heck and to top it off. The hours they are open were like 8 to 6 - Do they not realize that most people work from 9 to 5 and that traffic is a MOTHER around here? So after my FIGHT of getting everything i needed (which really only came down to about 6 things) i finally set it up and did some test shots. whew.

T. Lynn