I had a hard time deciding which to post first the inside so you could see the spider or the outside so you could see how cool the crackle glaze looks from the Raku firing looks. Also i was thinking that it could be a bit more fun to see what the whole box looks like.

So as i said earlier this is a little box - i really couldn't decided how to take a photo for this one, to show it off. So i placed it on a one of my many indian silk fabric skirts and let it get ready for its photo shoot. The background color/fabric has been boosted up a bit in saturation & a filter called Wavy Color used on it.

However, the box remains its true colors of white/with a smokey brown and dark grey to black crackles on this little guy. It stands a little over 3 1//4 inches tall and is about 3 3/4 inches across.