These are two bowls hand thrown on the wheel and then altered. I love these two bowls. I think the picture looks almost like the shape was about to be a heart. They remind me of how when you love someone you like to get wrapped up in their arms. Their names are Now and Later. I have signed and named them both on the bottom. They are in my little Spot the Pot Shop now too.

I used White Stoneware fired to Cone 10 the colors are an outstanding Orange to Golden Brown, Grey with speckles, Deep Black as well as Shiny Black. Now measures to be about Top: 5 1/2" Wide, Bottom: 2 1/2" Wide, Tall: 3 1/2" While Later is a bit shorter and wider measuring Top: 6" Wide, Bottom: 2 1/2" Wide, Tall: 3 1/8" it also has the same colors (as well as a small "blush" of blue)

Blushing on a piece of pottery happens when the pieces are fired and the pieces are very close together - well sometimes some of the properties of one glaze are pulled toward a nearby pot creating a small area that is a different color. You can see the BLUSH in this photo - its on the left pot!