I dedicate this photo to John, for it was an idea from him that my first sake set was born. This set is named Opalescent which is the name of a CD by Jon Hopkins (lovely ambiance music if you dig that genre) The names of the shot glasses are Halcyon, Grace, Apparition, Afterlife, and Elegiac which are all names of songs off of that particular CD. For my sets i like to sometimes name them after groupings (not sure if i said that grammatically correct) ~gift

Also my dear friend Kim inspired me to post this image when she commented that she wanted some sake. The real colors of the sake set are majolica (which is white with speckles) with cornflower blue squiggles on them. Note however the Cornflower blue gives a lighter appearance though on top of the white majolica. This set has 5 little stackable matching cups. I choose to make 5 of them because i always see sets of 4 or 2 and thought wouldn't it be nice to have an extra one. So i make my sets to have 5 in case one gets broken from drinking tooo much sake.