This was the first of my double spouted teapots that came about because i was trying to think of ideas that could possibly get me into grad school. So since i'm such a practical person its hard for me to venture out and make art sometimes for art sake. Even tho i love the idea, i mean i do want to be an art professor, so i embrace the idea of just making art to evoke a feeling. This teapot is named Share the Love because i think from the side the handles give it a heart kind of shape and also being double spouted one can share from either side.

When i first got this out of the cone 10 firing i couldn't get the lid off. So i stuck it in the freezer - and took it out several hours later and low and behold it popped right off. However due to the stress of the cold, it put a tear at each spout where the handle comes down. The lesson learned here... First, avoid having your lid stick. Second, if you do need to stick it in the freezer to get a lid off - i should think only a round object can go in without having any apendages that could streach & shrink to and away from itself without stressing the connecting parts.