Artist Statement

My creations out of clay are like children being born out of me. Each one is created and cared for with love and affection. After careful upbringing and nourishment, I let each grow and create. Their offspring are the images each clay vessel makes.

Each piece is constructed with individuality in mind. I use found objects and handmade stamps to create texture on the surface. Depending on the clay used, the piece could have an application of patina, glaze, or a fine-particle colored slip known as terra sigillata.

After all firings I consider the piece born. I nurture the piece by preparing the pinhole & placing foam inside to make it light-tight. Next I place a piece of photographic paper inside. This is the seed for the ceramic piece to create its own child. Each creation is tested for light leaks & exposure time. After good results I let the world unfold before each as the clay character goes on its own journey.

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